(Brasília local time / GMT -02:00)

09h00 Opening

Speaker: Liliana Solha (CAIS/RNP)

09h15 Security of things on Internet: Jetsons or the Terminator?

Speaker: Adriano Cansian (ACME! Cybersecurity Research)

10h00 Bad Internet of Things

Speaker: Fábio Assolini (Linha Defensiva)

10h45 Coffee-break - sponsor's lecture Aruba

11h15 Healthcare Hacking Evolution

Speaker: Arthur Paixão (MV S/A)

12h00 Lunch

14h00 IPv6, Big Data, new technologies and IoT security challenges

Speaker: Leandro Bennaton (FIAP)

14h45 Legal aspects and data privacy in IoT

Speaker: Walter Capanema

16h00  Coffee-break - sponsor's lecture Grupo Binário

16h45  IoT safe device development

Speaker: Anchises de Moraes

16h45  Digital certification and IoT

Speaker: Ricardo Custódio

17h30 Closing


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