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DISI event is free, open to everyone. All community is welcome to attend the talks and participate. In 2011, the organizer's goal is to call attention of the public, increasing awareness that security is everyone's responsibility.


The Security Incidents Response Team i(CAIS) s RNP's CSIRT. CAIS detects, resolves and prevents security incidents in the national academic network, constituted of more than 500 nationwide teaching and research institutions, reaching 3.5 million users. Only in 2010, CAIS recorded 105.030 threat notifications to institutes connected to the academic network backbone.

CAIS's page (, made available a host of information to warn internet users of network threats. Moreover, it keeps a support line with its clients in the e-mail address Reports of security incidents concerning the Ipnetwork should be sent to this address.

CAIS partners with the major international internet security organizations as well. It is a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) since September 2001 and it became also research partner of APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group) since September 2005.

In DISI 2011, CAIS is affiliated with RedeCLARA and with the Organization of American States. (OAS).

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